A Former Actress Says That Her “Only Goal” Was to Marry Salman Khan

Bollywood’s megastar, Salman Khan has an immense fan following in India. Thanks to his big releases and entertaining content that he is now considered one of the most talented actors in the Industry. When our Sallu Bhai started working in the industry, his first superhit blockbuster film “Maine Pyaar Kiya” became an instant hit and Salman Khan became a star overnight. Fans from all over the globe started recognizing Salman and he enjoyed a crazy fan following around the globe. One such crazy Salman Fan has come forward and revealed her greatest desire for the actor.

Former Actress Salman Khan

Former actress and now an activist, Somy Ali has revealed in an interview that she came to Bombay only to marry Salman Khan. For her, being an actress was never on her wishlist and she only wanted Salman to notice her and marry her eventually. She even went on to say that the moment she saw Salman in “Maine Pyaar Kiya”, she decided that she had to visit Mumbai and marry him right away.

She said that her mother didn’t like the idea initially but seeing her daughter’s resistance, her mother had to give up. She said, “It was 1991 and I was 16. I saw Maine Pyar Kiya, and I went, ‘I have to marry this guy!’ I told my mom that I am going to India tomorrow. She, of course, sent me off to my room, but I kept pleading that I have to go to India and marry this guy — Salman Khan. That night, I had a dream that I have to go marry Salman because he is going to be my saviour. Since she wouldn’t relent, I called my dad. Of course, I didn’t tell him why I wanted to visit India.”

Former Actress Salman Khan
Former Actress Salman Khan

Further on, Somy Ali said that she told her father that she had to visit her relatives in India and also wanted to see the Taj Mahal, which was one of the biggest dreams of her then. Somy and Salman dated for almost 8 years before breaking up. Somy admitted that she hasn’t talked to Salman since their break up.

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