A Ball Hit Injury On Jersey Sets Leaves Shahid Kapoor With 13 Stitches. He’s Fine Now

Post starring in Kabir Singh, the Hindi version of Vijay Deverakonda’s Arjun Reddy, Shahid Kapoor is all set to star in another one of South remakes. This time he will be seen in the Bollywood remake of Nani’s critically-acclaimed Telugu film, Jersey.

Shahid has already begun the shooting in Chandigarh. But unfortunately, shooting has to be stopped after Shahid suffered a head injury which made him undergo 13 stitches. It was during the shooting of a scene in Mohali, that he was hit by a ball on his mouth.

A source close to the project shared with PTI,

“Shahid was playing perfectly fine and rehearsing before the shot, when the ball unexpectedly came and hit him on the lower lip and cut open a wide gash where blood started gushing out. He was immediately taken for treatment and a doctor was rushed to see him. To close the wound, stitches were sutured by the doctor.”

This source also added that,

“Shahid will take a break for the next few days as he has a heavily bruised lower lip. He will continue filming after the swelling subsides and the wound is healed.”

Shahid Kapoor

As per Pinkvilla, Shahid’s spouse Mira Rajput after hearing about the incident immediately flew to Chandigarh to be by Shahid’s side.

A source told Pinkvilla,

“He is fine now. But the injury was a deep cut so he had to get 13 stitches. Mira (Rajput) has rushed to Chandigarh now on hearing the news. There’s nothing to worry anymore.”

Sometime back during an interaction with media at an event, Shahid said,

“I wanted to do an original film (after Kabir Singh) so that people don’t think I’m doing only remakes. But when I saw the film, it touched my heart. I cried four times while watching it. The character isn’t like Kabir Singh. He’s a quiet introvert man but his intensity and journey was inspiring for me.”

A Gowtam Tinnanauri directorial, who also directed the original Telugu version, Jersey will make its box office debut on August 28, 2020.



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