7 Bollywood Actors Who Suffered From Injuries During the Making of The Film

Bollywood Actors Suffered From Injuries:

Often we find ourselves enjoying behind-the-scenes of a movie because we see actors having fun on the sets, and it makes us happy to see how much love goes into the making of the film. Little did we know that these actors sacrifice a lot for their film. The amount of blood and sweat that goes into the making of the movie is unseen but the fact that they go through a lot is not always hidden. Let’s dive in.

 1. Amitabh Bachchan

While shooting for a fight sequence with Puneet Issar, the actor injured himself when the edge of the table pierced his abdomen. His intestines were damaged and he was declared clinically dead for a couple of minutes. The whole country prayed for his well-being and it became a national news in no time.

 2. Kangana Ranaut

During the shoot of ‘Manikarna- The Queen Of Jhansi’, she was injured and got 15 stitches on her forehead. She also went through a ligament tear while shooting for the same movie. In an interview she revealed,

 “I am a bit embarrassed to be thrilled to have a battle scar on my face. Also, people from my team have been telling me that it’s like that Peshwa teeka that Manikarnika wore. It’s a bit dramatic but I am excited that my face was covered in blood and I got a genuine and authentic glimpse of the Queen’s life.”

 3. Katrina Kaif

In Dhoom 3, while shooting for an action scene, she injured her leg pretty badly. She showed courage and completed the scene on her own without asking for a body double.

Also, while shooting for ‘Fitoor’, she fell off the horse and injured her neck and leg but continued to shoot the scene.

 4. Shahid Kapoor

While shooting for ‘Padmavat’, Shahid suffered from a ligament tear which aggravated his previous ankle injury which happened while shooting for an action scene for some movie.

 5. Alia Bhatt

Bollywood Actors Suffered From Injuries
Bollywood Actors Suffered From Injuries

Alia Bhatt is known for her excellent career choices in the film industry. With every role she plays, she shines even brighter. She injured her shoulder while shooting for ‘Kapoor & Sons’ in Coonoor.

 6. Kajol

Bollywood Actors Suffered From Injuries
Bollywood Actors Suffered From Injuries

She fell on the sets of ‘Dilwale’ and could not recognize anyone for an hour and a half. It was when someone from sets called Ajay Devgn that she finally reacted.

 7. Shraddha Kapoor

While shooting for a song in ‘ABCD 2’, Shradha lost her balance and fell from a height which lead to a severe leg injury.

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