6 Biggest Betrayals in Bollywood Movies You Will be Amazed

Betrayals in Bollywood Movies:

Let’s be honest. Do you remember a single Bollywood suspense movie without Betrayal? Even if you do, do you really think it’s worth watching? Chances are high that even you think that Bollywood betrayals make the movie interesting, and if they are truly unpredictable, it will leave the viewers saying Itna bada Dhoka? Followed by full filmy drama.

We have listed a bunch of movies where Bollywood characters took Dhokebaazi to another level.

 1. Fanaa

Kajol fell in love with Aamir, her charming guide, and the next thing we know he’s dead. He masterminded his own death and later when Kajol was happy without him with his child, we see him again and this time he has returned as a terrorist who killed her father in bad blood.

 2. Karz

Rishi Kapoor starrer Karz is a memorable movie with amazing songs. Simi Garewal’s character was the most hated character of 80s. She played the role of a gold digger wife who allegedly killed her innocent and loving husband and it was not subtle death but a cruel one.

 3. Fida

This one shocked us to the core. It’s a cute teenage love story until Shahid Kapoor saw Kareena and Fardeen bathing together. Typical teenage dhokha, is it?

 4. Baazigar

We see SRK as a villain in this one. It goes without saying that he was exceptionally good in it. His character with a vendetta wanted to woo Shilpa Shetty (a businessman’s daughter) only to kill her to seek revenge from her father. It’s beyond logic but seeing the characters go through hell in this one was heart-breaking.

 5. Humraaz

Akshaye Khanna is a genius and if you think otherwise then you must watch this movie. It will amaze you. It’s a 1998 movie based on a perfect crime. Akshaye Khanna and Ameesha plan to betray Bobby by making Ameesha marry Bobby and taking over his vast empire only to find out that her partner-in-crime Akshaye Khanna betrays her and tries to run away with money all by himself. Damn, that must have hurt!

 6. Khoon Bhari Maang

Betrayals in Bollywood Movies
Betrayals in Bollywood Movies

This movie is the reason why you should think twice before falling in love with a tall and handsome man. Kiran Bedi’s character is so evil in this film that it will make you question your own choices. He woes Rekha and marries her only to kill her for her money. But he did not just kill her, he made her suffer for what? He threw her into a lake filled with crocodiles I mean Who does that, you cruel man!!

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