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Get last-mile medical care conviniently to your home, hotel or workplace. Hail-A-Clinic model offers free medical consultation, affordable rapid diagnostics, and prescriptions

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Mobile Medical Clinics

Our clinicians are well equipped to offer medical care at the comfort of wherever you may be.With elimination of transport cost and wait time for lab results and treatment, You get to enjoy expedited medical response to your medical concern.

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Expedited Lab Results

Get quick and accurate results from the variety of tests allowable through a mobile medical centre

  • Physical Examination

    Weight, Height, BMI, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature, Mid-arm Circumference, Medical History, Sign & Symptoms, Preliminary Diagnosis, ECG(12 lead), and Ultrasound

  • Infectious Disease Tests

    Malaria, Typhoid, H. Pylori, Hep. B, Hep. C, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, Leptospiriosis, COVID-19, etc.

  • Bio-Chemistry Tests

    Glucose, Haemogoblin, Cholestrol, Uric Acid, WBC differential, HbA1C, Lipid Profile, Blood Grouping, Pregnancy (HCG test), Urine Protein Sugar, etc.

  • Cardiac and Inflamation Markers

    Cardiac Markers, Triponin I, D-Dimmer Inflamation Markers, CRP, Procalcitonin, Leptospira, etc.


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Your health becomes our priority when you get the service at your comfort in the quickest and most effecient way possible.

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All these and more at the convinience of using your phone to call a doctor to your home, office, workplace, hotel or any other place that you may prefer for quality healthcare. Our doctors use modern diagnostic equipment that can perform upto 60 different tests at the point of care.

We also ensure that you have the right medication before we leave your sight. We walk with you hand in hand.

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Telemedicine Clinic

Do you need medical advise, intervention, monitoring or remote admission?

You can access quality healthcare via modern technology. Our doctors can now consult you using HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools. Through our telemedicine services, you can receive medical care anytime, anywhere, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Second Opinion Medical Platform

Do you need a review or second opinion?

We intend to offer consultation referral services using a wide panel of real-time available specialists from Kenya and abroad, to whom any patient affected by any disease or syndrome and not satisfied with the diagnosis or therapy can apply for an individual clinical audit. Our team shall revisit each conflictual diagnostic and therapeutic step and properly re-address tailored treatments and prognoses, to help you avoid unnecessary investigations and expensive medical and/or surgical interventions.